Achieving Human Sustainability with Anthony Wall

March 29, 2023

Please join us and our guest, Anthony A. Wall, Jr., for what is sure to be a most educational and heartfelt show. During this episode, Tony will discuss Achieving Human Sustainability, and what makes human beings the most remarkable and rare species in the galaxy. Tony brings a compelling, hopeful, and passionate message to any discussion. If an audience expects to hear about doomsday scenarios, he will be glad to surprise them. Humanity lost control of its destiny by way of a process. Only by another process will we regain control. Tony is about the Process.

Tony is the Founder of Noēsis (no – EE – sis), an educational network that seeks global presence, aimed at helping assure a sustainable future for humanity. Tony believes that once we view humanity through an unblinking lens, we will only then begin to understand how modern-day humanity arrived to its current crisis. Tony will publish a book this Spring, The Human Injury. Tony has also produced a series of educational videos that are available at

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