Sacred Massage with Debra DeAngelo

September 6, 2023

Please join us and our guest, Debra DeAngelo, for a show on Sacred Massage: The Magic and Ritual of Soothing Touch, and learn how thoughtful therapeutic touch heals body and mind. Through thoughtful touch, your hands can provide relaxation and relief to family and friends with a variety of ailments from headaches to PTSD. Debra DeAngelo introduces you to massage through the lens of spirituality, magic, and ritual. In addition to physical techniques, she teaches you how to infuse a session with divine love and channel your healing energy into another person.

Sacred Massage guides you through preparing your ritual space, creating an altar, grounding, centering, setting intentions, inviting the elements, and more. Discover how to utilize meditation, herbs, crystals, essentials oils, candles, and deities for a deeply spiritual session. Filled with instructional graphics and culminating in a full-body massage sequence, this easy-to-understand book provides everything you need to create a magical massage experience for yourself and your loved ones.

Debra DeAngelo has been a massage practitioner for more than twenty years. She runs her own private practice where she incorporates spiritual techniques into every session. In addition to developing her own method called "Blended Deep Swedish Massage," using sacred soothing massage, she has also worked with hot stone, ayurvedic, reflexology, reiki and other massage styles. She also writes feature stories and book reviews for SageWoman and Witches & Pagans magazines. For more, visit

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