Make Your Mess Your Message with Shari Leid

March 16, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Shari Leid, for a show on her latest book, Make Your Mess Your Message: More Life Lessons From and For My Girlfriends. During the show, Shari will discuss such things as her pivot from lawyer to certified life coach; what a life coach does and how a life coach is like an athletic coach; how to develop the skills to pivot your career tips and strategies to find a fulfilling career; finding your self-worth outside of your profession; and tips to re-enter the workforce after having kids and much more.

A practicing litigator for 14 years, two-time author and lawyer-turned-life coach Shari Leid was inspired to attend law school by seeing the injustice her Japanese-American parents experienced when they were wrongfully interned during WWII. Following the expected path of graduating law school, getting married and having kids, Shari and her husband soon made the joint decision to have one of them stay at home with their two children.

Still a licensed attorney today, Shari stopped practicing in her late 30s. “During the transition, I lost the company of men as friends and colleagues as well as my identity because it was entirely wrapped up in my profession, and I had to find my self-worth as a stay-at-home mom – things I was ill-prepared to do.”

After a breast cancer diagnosis, Shari immediately thought, this must be happening to me for a reason. “My cancer journey caused me to look at other events in my life and I realized that all the things that have ‘happened to me,’ I was able to get through because of the mindset I had, the perspective I approach life with – and realizing this made it painful for me to watch others struggle and feeling stuck by what life throws their way.” Learn more at

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