Find Your Twin Flame with Leslie Sampson

March 30, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Leslie Sampson, for a show on her book, Find Your Twin Flame: Understand and Connect to Your Soul’s Other Half. More than a soul mate, your twin flame is the only soul that has the same spiritual DNA as yours—the piece that is crucial to your soul’s evolution. Leslie helps you to not only identify your twin flame, but also develop a loving partnership that is deeper than any other. While you can have many soul mates, only one soul can be your twin flame. This book walks you through the history of twin flames and the various methods for finding your divine partner, including numerology, astrology, divination, and akashic records. Through inspiring stories from her clients and personal life, Leslie shows you how to meet your twin flame and let your relationship thrive.

Leslie Sampson is a multi-gifted certified psychic medium and a writer.  Her goal is to bridge the gap between worlds and to empower others to learn about their own gifts. To learn more, please visit

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