Infertility Success: Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey, with Erica Hoke

June 26, 2024

Please join us and our guest, Erica Hoke, for a show on Infertility Success: Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey, which sheds light on the plight and resilience of those who face the tempest of infertility. This remarkable book brings together the experiences of 19 women from various corners of the USA and South Africa, each differing in profession, but united by their battles against reproductive challenges. Delving into a spectrum of reproductive health issues including endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid disease, and more, these stories are not just narratives but lifelines offered to anyone feeling isolated in their struggle. These women share not only their hardships but the diverse paths they embarked upon towards achieving their dream of a family. Whether through modern reproductive medicine, the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or transformative changes in diet and lifestyle, their journeys illuminate the myriad of possibilities available for overcoming infertility.

Erica Hoke, a celebrated Infertility Coach, Speaker, Author, and Publisher, has forged a path of hope and healing in a realm where many feel lost. A beacon of resilience, Erica became a mother to four incredible children after age 35, challenging the very fabric of her initial prognosis that deemed donor eggs her only route to parenthood. Her journey is not just about defying a less than 1% natural conception chance; it's about redefining the narrative around fertility. Erica's mission is deeply woven into her personal story – from confronting a bleak forecast at 35 to welcoming her youngest at 43, years after conventional wisdom had counted her out. Her approach, characterized by its focus on holistic health and uncovering underlying causes, provides a roadmap for countless women facing similar struggles. Learn more at

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