Anxiety to Empowerment: Stop Stressing & Start Engaging, with Amanda Huggins

June 5, 2024

Please join us and our guest, Amanda Huggins, for a show on Anxiety to Empowerment: Stop Stressing & Start Engaging. Dive in to the transformative work of healing and holistic anxiety management with the dynamic and insightful Amanda Huggins. As the author of the highly anticipated book, "Anxiety to Empowerment," Amanda shares her wisdom and expertise garnered from years of guiding individuals on their unique journeys from anxiety to empowerment. Amanda's holistic approach to anxiety is both simple and effective: "Start with the body, work with the mind, tune in to the soul." This integrative methodology has resonated with thousands and has also proven to be a catalyst for tangible and lasting change. In this interview, Amanda delves into the essence of Anxiety to Empowerment, offering listeners a sneak peek into the heart of her upcoming book. She unfolds the layers of her holistic philosophy, demonstrating how a focus on the body lays the groundwork for mental resilience, and how tuning into the soul becomes a powerful compass for navigating life's challenges. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the intricacies of anxiety and discover practical strategies for holistic healing. From mindful practices to soul-nourishing exercises, Amanda provides tangible tools for the mind, body, and soul that transcend the conventional approaches to anxiety management.

Amanda Huggins (New York, NY) is an anxiety and mindfulness coach, certified yoga instructor, podcast host, author, and speaker. Besides presenting online courses, Amanda offers guidance on her podcast, Anxiety Talks with Amanda, and she has an online community of over half a million followers. She has been featured in platforms such as, Massage and Bodywork Magazine, Good Morning, LaLa Land TV show, The Dr. Pat Show, and many more. Visit her at

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