meaning of life


Karmic Concrete Where is your Spiritual Trajectory taking You?? There is a trajectory, or perhaps a velocity, to our spiritual journey. No, it is not a race. But if your life isn’t changing, I mean evolving, then you are stuck in a karmic concrete of sorts. The only constant in life is change. ~ Heraclitus My life was slowly getting pinched off. It was collapsing in on me. In other words, my choices, that I preferred and thus chose … that arena of choices was getting smaller and smaller. I was shutting myself down in a way. Right before I got cracked open, with an unexpected release of emotions, I was boxing myself in regarding my subconscious emotions. In hindsight, it was really a mental karmic stigma. If I were to rate my spiritual trajectory, or perhaps my spiritual velocity back then, I was coming to a stop. A dead…