Winks from Above with Liliane Fortna

August 2, 2023

Please join us and our guest, Liliane Fortna, for a show on Winks from Above: Opening Up to Signs and Synchronicities to Receive Little Miracles. In todays’ world, so many people seem to be angry, frightened, unable or unwilling to cope with the array of negativity that bombards them constantly.  Yet some people search for a clearer meaning through all the noise. Winks from Above provides an answer. It invites you to discover the signs and synchronicities that exist all around you – that are the very clues you need to gain insight and thrive. Liliane provides practical tips for cultivating and deepening a relationship with your highest sources of guidance. You’ll discover the power and presence of your Spirit Guides and Angels; learn to develop and trust your intuition; and learn how to tap into your own innate power to communicate with your Guides and Angels to rise above and beyond your circumstances.

Liliane has been a professional contemporary dancer, European fashion model, fashion consultant, Amazon rain forest explorer, wife, mother, grandmother, energy healer, consciousness explorer, artist and most recently, a multiple bestselling author. Despite suffering a very difficult childhood involving painful abuse and rejection, she overcame adversity through her close alignment with the spiritual world. In her memoire/self-help book, Winks from Above, Liliane has been able to reach a broader audience and help them rediscover their innate gift of communicating with their Guides and Angels to create a better, richer, and happier life. Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, Liliane is French-Vietnamese.  She grew up in France and subsequently lived in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. She has a degree in English Literature and is fluent in French and English. Learn more at

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