What is Enchantivism? with Craig Chalquist, PhD

March 31, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Craig Chalquist, PhD, for a discussion on, What Is Enchantivism? During the show, Craig will describe the many ways we make lasting change by telling reenchanting stories about our relations with ourselves, each other, or our ailing but still-beautiful planet; sharing our reflections and inviting others’ on the relevance of these stories; and then letting the stories impel creative and thoughtful responses to how things are. The stories can be narratives, displays of imagery, humor, even dance and ritual.

Craig, who is a depth psychologist, professor, author, presenter, terrapsychologist, and teacherpreneur, will also discuss his latest book, Terrapsychological Inquiry: Restoring Our Relationship with Nature, Place, and Planet.

Craig is the founder of Worldrede Academy and its imprint, World Soul Books. He has also worked as a family therapist, lecturer, and group facilitator. In addition, he is a Certified Master Gardener through the University of California Cooperative Extension, where he also earned a certificate in Sustainable Landscaping, and a Certificate in Permaculture Design.

To learn more about Craig, his various publications, his work and his many contributions to humanity, please visit https://Chalquist.com, https://www.worldrede.com and http://www.terrapsychology.com/.

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