Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing with Gail Lynn

February 19, 2020

Please join us and our guest, Gail Lynn, for a show on Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing, and why Science is looking to the past for the future of medicine.

Gail has worked in the automotive, telecommunications, and film industries. She is the proprietor of a Light and Sound Healing Center in Westminster, Colorado, and the creator of the Harmonic Egg, which is giving thousands of people new hope for a quality of life they never imagined. She was first exposed to sound and light healing while working as an executive producer for a movie about Elvis Presley called Protecting the King.

When Gail’s doctor diagnosed her with severe cardiovascular stress at the young age of 37, caused by an accumulation of stress from two challenging relationships and three successive, extremely competitive careers, she knew that she had to find a radical solution to her health issues. Extensive research led her into the world of frequency medicine and light and sound technologies.

Determined to help others and open her own healing center, Gail simultaneously set out to uncover the ancient history and the modern science behind light and sound as healing therapies. Following a series of extraordinary synchronicities, which guided her to combine light and sound technologies with sacred geometry and Tesla mathematics, she developed a revolutionary immersive, resonant healing chamber called the Harmonic Egg, which is advancing frequency healing to an unimagined level. To find out more visit: www.harmonicegg.com

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