The Way Home to Love with Maresha Donna Ducharme

October 18, 2017

Please join us and our guest, Maresha, for a show on "The Way Home to Love, A Guide to Peace in Turbulent Times". Maresha Donna Ducharme is the founder and resident teacher of The Snow Dragon Sanctuary in Meredith, NH. She is a unique combination of mystic, teacher and author and has guided and inspired countless students over many years. She is a dedicated practitioner of unity in consciousness; she has distilled more than three decades of study, teaching and depth of practice into her teachings and writings.

Her vision is to help people harmonize by living in conscious connection to the Divine and to create personal health and joy in living.

She is also a versatile and experienced teacher of Whole Foods Nutrition and a progressive Wholistic Educator. Her 30 years of dietary consulting and teaching the Energetics of Food, the Cosmology of Health, and Cultural Dietary Traditions, have helped thousands to re-gain health and better understand how to create individual balance and vitality.

She is an expert in Food Energetics, where ancient wisdom and dietary traditions merge with modern perspectives and nutritional science. Food Energetics offers a deep understanding of the effects of food & environmental cycles upon each individual human constitution, condition, psychology and nature. Maresha continues to inspire and teach about our cultural heritage and common-sense whole-foods nutrition.

Maresha has authored and published numerous articles on Wholistic nutrition, health and spiritual development. Her classes offer a lively and intelligent perspective to help each one realize health, wholeness and vitality in life. To learn more visit

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