The Shadow Side of Archetypes with Les Jensen

March 14, 2018

Please join us and our host, Les Jensen, for a show on unraveling the shadows of our past, “The Shadow Side of Archetypes.”

We have been told about the shadow side of archetypes. The notion of some archetypes that are not Divine. Listen in as we take a deeper look at the mechanics of the shadow. The purpose of the darkness. And bring a new Divine Light to the topic.

In order to completely embody the truth of who we are, we would do well to accept all forms of creation. To hold any aspect of our past in contempt, is to reject aspects of creation itself. In truth, as the 13th century poet Rumi spoke, "Both light and shadow are the dance of love." In other words, all of creation is Divine. So what IS a shadow?

Les Jensen is a visionary, author, radio host and energy master. You can learn more about Les and his material at and

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