The Naked Witch with Fiona Horne

May 23, 2018

Please join us and our guest, Fiona Horne, for a show on her book, "The Naked Witch."

Fiona grew up in Sydney as a very unhappy child, finding a sense of acceptance in, and became the face of, Modern Witchcraft. She is a TV personality and author, chart-topping lead-singing goddess of Def FX. Fiona thought she had it all at her fingertips but simmering beneath the surface her personal demons lay in wait.

Fiona’s story will transport you on a breathtaking journey through her metaphysical-laced material world. Equally humorous, provocative, heartbreaking and inspirational, this is a revealing look into the action-packed life of a captivating personality. Now a US citizen and commercial pilot home-based in the Caribbean, she devotes much of her free time to such humanitarian causes as animal rescue relocation and missions to aid the distressed in storm ravaged Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Fiona makes you wonder how one person could cram so much into just fifty years.

FIONA launched a career in entertainment as founder and lead singer of the Australian '90s rock band Def FX. She has authored best-selling books about modern Witchcraft and was a popular radio and TV personality appearing on worldwide programs, including the SYFY Channel’s Mad Mad House. Now a commercial pilot (multi-engine rated), world record-holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yogini, freediver and scuba diver, Fiona lives on the Caribbean island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Here she volunteers her free time as an outreach program coordinator and humanitarian aid worker.

For all the accomplishments in Fiona’s extraordinarily fulfilling life, perhaps her greatest sense of accomplishment is, as she said in her interview with Shelley Seddon in Stellar magazine recently, “For all the things I haven't done well, there’s one thing I have done really well—and that’s survive.” There is absolutely NO Witchcraft in that statement! To learn more visit

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