The Little Book of Breathwork with Catherine Carrigan

September 11, 2019

Please join us and our guest, Catherine Carrigan, for a show on The Little Book of Breathwork.

What if there was a way you could reduce your stress naturally – no drugs, no therapist, anywhere, anytime for FREE? In her latest book, our guest author, Catherine Carrigan, can teach you how to use breathing exercises to reduce high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, asthma, pain, sleep apnea and breathing problems. She can teach you affirmations to uplift your soul, as well as hand gestures, called mudras, that you can use to increase your inner peace, emotional balance, creativity and grounding.

Catherine is a medical intuitive healer, Amazon Number 1 bestselling author and host of the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio. In her 26 years working full time in natural healing, she has worked with clients all over the world to empower them to heal themselves naturally without drugs.

You can find Catherine on her websites and

Catherine is also the author of an online course, Eight Minutes to Inner Peace, which teaches eight simple breathing exercises to shift a person into a state of complete calm within eight minutes. You can sign up for the online course at

Catherine’s previous books include:

  • What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power For Health And Happiness
  • Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide
  • Unlimited Energy Now
  • Banish the Blues Now
  • Unlimited Intuition Now
  • Banish the Blues Now
  • Unlimited Intuition Now
  • What is Social Media Today: Keywords, Hashtags and You, Oh My!
  • What Is Social Media Today: Get Ready to Win the Game of Social Media
  • The Difference Between Pain and Suffering

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