The Happiness Recipe with Rebecca C. Morrison

December 21, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Rebecca C. Morrison, for a show on her book, The Happiness Recipe: A Powerful Guide to Living What Matters. We are born to be happy. Somewhere along the way, our lives get cluttered. To find your recipe for happiness, you need to know what matters most to you; have strong beliefs to support taking the necessary next steps; and actually do the kinds of things you want to, while letting go of the rest. You also need to be willing to share your desires with the world—something that is often challenging. This is where The Happiness Recipe comes in. With actionable steps for closing the gaps that are often present along the path to happiness, Rebecca (Becky) shares insights on how to start living a happier life, starting right now. No matter how busy or overwhelmed you feel, this book will help you identify what has been standing between you and your happiness, so you can focus your energy on changes that will meaningfully impact your existence.

What do you do when you’ve achieved your goals yet you still don’t feel happy? Well, even though Becky was a happily married mom and lawyer with a two-decade career in BigLaw and Finance, she felt something was missing. That feeling led her on a quest to figure out whether it was possible to be both successful and happy. Now a Happiness Coach and Author of The Happiness Recipe, Becky helps successful but unsatisfied high achievers find their happiness recipe so they can live happier, lead happier, and build happy businesses. Becky is a graduate of Wellesley College and Georgetown Law. She is also a UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute Certified Executive Coach. Learn more at

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