The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine with Linnie Thomas

June 14, 2023

Please join us and our guest, Linnie Thomas, for a show on The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine: A Comprehensive Reference to Healing Modalities from Acupressure to Zero Balancing.

This newly revised edition of The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine is an expansive reference for laymen, students, and practitioners wishing to know more about energy healing practices. With newly added modalities, updated course listings, an improved list of energy medicine associations, and other fresh content, this comprehensive directory features dozens of different healing schools and programs in a field that is constantly growing and evolving. Linnie Thomas covers fifty-six energy healing modalities, such as Reflexology, Healing Touch, LomiLomi, Holotropic Breathwork, Thought Field Therapy, and others. She lists each therapeutic method, certification requirements for practitioners, descriptions of courses (including contact information), and codes of ethics, making it easy to find the information you need to explore these healing techniques for yourself.

Linnie Thomas, HTCP, HTCI, MLW, (Portland, OR) has a deep background in energy work – both in researching modalities and as a healing practitioner. She has also mastered technical writing (Tektronix and Intel) and studied nuclear engineering at Oregon State University. In addition to her healing practice Linnie teaches healing techniques at local hospitals. Learn more at

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