The Changes Humanity is Going Through with Les Jensen

October 12, 2016

The changes that humanity are going through right now are powerful and very deep. We are at a turning point in our human story. We are standing at the doorway of a whole new paradigm. And YOU are here to take part in it. You are that powerful! Please join us for tonight's show, "The Changes Humanity is Going Through," as our New Human Living radio show host, Les Jensen, walks us through these changes ... setting the stage for the next chapter of humanity. The next grand adventure. Love You!

This next chapter of our human story is about the empowerment of ourselves. We all have the Divine spark within us now. We all have a powerful storyline. The true authentic power of the human being has always been (Divine) Love. Love. Unconditional Love. It will be those that can embody Love within their own BEing who will rise to great heights. Is that YOU?

Nature has hard-coded these changes within us. We are following a Divine path of restoring our own Divinity. The role of the Deity will step aside and it will be those who can find their own Divinity within that will demonstrate, for the masses, how we all have the Divine Deity within us now. Got Divinity?

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