The Art of Listening with Joshua Hathaway

October 28, 2020

Please join us and our guest, Joshua Hathaway, for a show on The Art of Listening.

Joshua is a leader and coach, with a gift to gently and humorously dismantle the Bullshit that’s eclipsing your authentic joy, to transmit transformative communication skills, and to facilitate breakthrough experiences that connect you more deeply to yourself, your partner, and your team.

According to Joshua, “Nobody who comes near to this fire stays cool, my friend. You were not meant to merely gather and share the light of others, but to shine your own innate brilliance. And in order to do that, you must be willing to burn. I am here to ignite your passion, clarify your vision, and obliterate your complacency through both somatic and strategic interventions as a transformational ally and inner wilderness guide.”

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