Tantric Energy Orgasm with Judith Anne Condon

July 10, 2019

Please join us for a show on Tantric Energy Orgasm, with our guest, Judith Anne Condon, Founder of Journeys to Tantric Bliss. Energy orgasm is a mysterious sexual and energetic phenomenon that is gaining more and more fame and acclaim these days. Many people believe it to be fictional and imaginary, or perhaps simply reserved for the sexually elite. Not so.

Judith Anne is here to bust that myth, and many others that are associated with this sensational experience.

Judith Anne says that she was blessed with deep spiritual experiences as she began exploring sexuality, which has very naturally evolved into Tantra. Fate led her onto the path of Tantra by placing her in Margot Anand’s Tantra Coaches Trainings in California and in the South of France, following years of fascination on her part with Margot’s work. These trainings are ongoing for Judith Anne and expand as does the transformation of Tantra in our Western World.

In addition, Judith Anne’s skills and understandings have been amplified and enhanced by others, including, but not limited to, Wilhelm Reich, Osho, Sarita, Alexander Lowen, Candace Pert and Stuart Sovatsky.

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