Surprises on the Road to Enlightenment: The Wisdom of a Lifetime, with Paul Hoyt

September 13, 2023

Please join us and our guest, Paul Hoyt, for a show on his new book, Surprises on the Road to Enlightenment: The Wisdom of a Lifetime. Surprises is a collection of 80 surprising insights Paul has learned throughout his lifetime – the most significant wisdom he has gained on his journey. You probably know a lot of them, but perhaps some of them will surprise you, too!

Paul Hoyt has been a business consultant and a personal coach since 2001. He has led hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the globe through their unique journeys of growth and discovery, both personally and professionally. He is as passionate about helping people be the best person they can be as helping them be as successful in business as possible. Paul has been doing his inner work for nearly 60 years, and is the author of several inspirational books and the creator of Mind Sequencing, a revolutionary approach to personal development and stress relief.

Paul has published two business books: The Foundation Factor, and The Capital Coaching Program. He has also authored three business courses: The Business Foundations Course, The Business Basics Program, and The Business Survival Bootcamp. He has also published three inspirational works with many more to come: Remember: A Simple, Gentle, Powerful Pathway to Your Magnificent Potential, The Practice of Awakening, and The Practice of Awakening II: The First Light of Joy. You can reach Paul at and find out more about his programs at

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