Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM with Dr. Jerry Gin

April 26, 2023

Please join us and our guest, Jerry Gin, Ph.D., for a show on his book, Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM. Dr. Jerry Gin has had a lifelong passion for science, even founding businesses based on his knowledge of chemistry. But he’s also had a lifelong calling to understand the workings of the universe. His research shows that we all have the capacity to sense invisible forces—subtle energies—which benefit us even more once we become conscious of them. Whether it’s raising the quality of our drinking water … harmonizing the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies … or dowsing to learn which foods, supplements, etc. are good for us, what we really end up discovering is that there’s more to life—and to us—than we thought.

Science, Spirituality, and Subtle Energies welcomes us to this invisible-but-potent world, offering not just explanations and illustrations, but also hands-on exercises to experience subtle energies directly, as well as unique affirmations from Joachim Wippich to attune us to our highest (I AM) being.

Jerry Gin, with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, has spent more than 50 years in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, laboratory medicine, and biotechnology industries (founded ChemTrak, Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Livionex, Nuvora, and Visionex). His passionate interests have been in the areas of mind-being, consciousness, and the nature of reality. Jerry is Chairman/CEO of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research (; author of The Seeker and The Teacher of Light and Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality:  A Path to I AM. Learn more at and the Jerry Gin YouTube channel.

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