Relaxing Into The Journey Creates The Happiness You Seek with Billy Atwell

October 6, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Billy Atwell, for a show entitled, Relaxing Into The Journey Creates The Happiness You Seek. During this episode, Billy will discuss how, when you stop resisting the flow of life, and when you let go of how things “should be,” your fear and conjunctive pain dissipates, allowing you to see the happiness you seek.

Billy is host of The Unshakable Self-Confidence Podcast. Since 2016, Billy and his guests continue to help the 24,000+ subscribers get to the root of their self-doubt, overcome their painful past, and to transform into confident individuals, through weekly conversations of sharing personal experiences and insights on this top-ranking Apple podcast.

Billy is also Editor-In-Chief of Rising Phoenix Magazine, the free official monthly magazine of Unshakable Self-Confidence, containing articles and practical tips for the subscribers to implement, with topics ranging from positive affirmations to gratitude practices. In addition, Billy is the author of the book, Unshakable Self-Confidence: A Clear Path To Confidence.

Visit for a link to subscribe to the free digital magazine. Each monthly issue of Rising Phoenix has in-depth insights and articles on topics such as overcoming fear and self-doubt; healing childhood wounds and breaking free from ancestral karmic patterns; overcoming low self-esteem and learning how to unconditionally love yourself; staying out of toxic relationships; and believing in yourself and your dreams so nothing will stop you from achieving them!​

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