Reaching for You with Reverend Terri-Ann Russell

December 14, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Reverend Terri-Ann Russell, for a show on Reaching for You: Mother Mary’s Workbook for Spiritual Transformation. In Reaching for You, the 12 transmissions of teachings from Mary will align your consciousness with your higher self with a direct connection to your heart and life. Think of it like a map, how to go from where you are to where you want to be. Your soul will take a front-row seat and guide you through this beautiful journey. You will get exactly what you need. Each transmission takes you deeper within that inner knowing and lets your soul take the steering wheel to guide you, thus helping you embody your higher self every day. Mary our cosmic Mother can no longer sit idly watching what is playing out on Earth school. As you continue with the transmissions, your life will change and further accelerate you along your spiritual path.

Terri-Ann Russell is a Quantum Activator, Violet Flame 4.0 creator, Alchemist, Healer, Author, and Reverend. She is an intuitive empath healer with abilities in clairsentience and clairaudience. Her first book, From Death to Life: The Incredible True Story of Anthony Joseph, was written just 4 months after the passing of her middle son, Anthony. When Terri-Ann is not writing, she is teaching energy healing and attending speaking engagements. She enjoys an uplifting podcast via Clubhouse called Spiritual Conversation with her co-hosts sharing various topics to help educate listeners to the world of spirit while keeping it real. Her other youtube channel, Terri-Ann Russell, also shares healing videos and how-to videos to help others as well as guided meditations. Her purpose is to create connections and teach others that you can heal yourself by releasing old programs, thoughts, and beliefs.

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