Radical Loving: One God, One World, One People with Rabbi Wayne Dosick

August 18, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Rabbi Wayne Dosick, for a show on Radical Loving: One God, One World, One People.

In the challenging times we live in today, there is an ominous sense that the world is breaking apart. Long-held comfortable beliefs are being shattered, and we face unprecedented questions and challenges. Radical Loving is a compelling appraisal of the state of our present-day world and a bold, visionary, spirit-filled blueprint for its transformation and evolution through Radical Loving and Awesome Holiness. With the fervent urgency of a biblical prophet, Rabbi Dosick asks, “How do we heal the harsh divisions of class, race, religion, and cultures that plague us? How do we vanquish sexism, rigid fundamentalism, unabashed nationalism, senseless hatred, and violent terrorism? How do we save our precious planet from the threats to its very existence? How do we restore civility, decency, grace, and dignity to our lives?” Tune in to this episode to learn how!

Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD, DD teaches and counsels about faith, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness. Well known for his quality scholarship and sacred spirit, he is the rabbi of The Elijah Minyan, a retired visiting professor at the University of San Diego, and the host of the monthly Internet radio program, “SpiritTalk Live!,” heard on “HealthyLife.net.” He is a best-selling author, and an award-winning author of nine critically acclaimed books, and author of more than 400 articles of religious, political, and social commentary. He is also a sought-after speaker, and has been interviewed on more than 300 radio and television shows, including “Good Morning America,” the “Larry King Show,” CNN, and NPR. Learn more at RabbiWayneDosick.

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