Quantum Timeline Creation with Leila Roberts

April 13, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Leila Roberts, for a show on Quantum Timeline Creation. During this episode Leila will also discuss such topics as Quantum Christ Consciousness, quantum biohacking, DNA, holographic reality, consciousness, quantum physics, the quantum biology of reality creation, and switching on your quantum DNA superpowers.

Leila is CEO, and Quantum Energy Specialist, at Vortex Technology in the U.K. According to Leila, we are walking around carrying the limiting stories, old programs and emotional baggage from years ago in our cellular memories, and they get stored in our nervous system. Like a heavy weight we carry those old emotions everywhere we go and they become our identities, keeping us trapped in old realities, with old patterns playing out on repeat every day. But we can use some of the highest vibrational tools on the planet to cleanse, dissolve and alchemise old energy into new vibrant energy. Leila can help you reclaim your sovereignty over your cells and DNA, and remember who you truly are! Learn more at http://quantumvortex.co.uk.

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