Our 200th show episode! ... The Power of Human Consciousness with Les Jensen

January 3, 2018

Welcome to our 200th episode of New Human Living radio! This milestone show will feature Les Jensen, host of New Human Living radio, founder of New Human Living, author, energy master, and visionary. What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year! Please join us in celebration, when Les will talk about The Power of Human Consciousness.

What is God's idea of changing the world and making it a better place? Where do humans fit into that possibility? And where does 2018 fit into the BIG story of our human culture? All of these points are related. Please listen in as Les discusses the power behind our human consciousness.

We have sought out leading thought and consciousness experts as guests on New Human Living radio, including leading authors, business power players, coaches, PhD's ... soul-filled people like you and me ... who strive to lead a more enriched life from a place of personal power.

As the show host, it has been quite an experience interviewing so very many inspiring guests from many different backgrounds ... sharing insightful and powerful messages ... with you, our valued listeners.

What I love about being the show host is that human consciousness has been a favorite subject of mine throughout my entire life. What are the hidden aspects to the universe, consciousness and the Divine potentials for our future? Listen in as we take a deeper look at what our human potentials have to offer us and the future that lies before us.

Please join us! Here at New Human Living, we LOVE bringing leaders in human consciousness to you ... to help awaken the Power in you! Learn more at NewHumanLiving.com and LesJensen.com.

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