"Nice Guys" & Masculinity: Integrating Lover & Animal with Robert Schwenkler

June 24, 2020

Please join us and our guest, Robert Schwenkler, for a show on "Nice Guys" & Masculinity: Integrating Lover & Animal. Many "Nice Guys" suffer in intimate relationship when they're not able to speak their truth and bring their full confidence to their partner.

People-pleasing can allow them to become emotional doormats, and their passivity can mean that conflict stays unresolved and simply builds up over time. This inevitably leads to breakdown in the emotional and sexual well-being of the relationship.

Today Robert will be speaking about what it takes for "Nice Guys" to reclaim their power and confident leadership, break out of co-dependent patterns, and reclaim the connection and aliveness in their intimate partnership... and every other part of their lives.

Robert Schwenkler is the founder of the Brotherhood Community, an organization dedicated to the development of Integrated Male Leaders – men who embody their power and sensitivity, who are fully thriving in every area of their lives, and who collaborate with people of all genders in service of a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.

Robert also has a private practice where he partners with select clients – typically high achieving women and men who are ready to create richer, more fulfilling, and paradoxically exponential results in their careers, intimate relationships, and lives.

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