New Human, New Earth, with Les Jensen

May 29, 2024

Please join us and our New Human Living Global Spiritual Podcast host, Les Jensen, for a show on New Human, New Earth. We are living in such powerful times. The opportunity for change to our human dynamic has never been more profound. With spirituality and all the nuances associated with that becoming more and more popular, humanity is truly at a turning point in its history. Listen in as Les talks about the New Earth dynamic, shifting our perspective as New Humans living more from a place of our hearts, rather than living only from our minds. And creating a heart-centered community which brings a new world into form.

Les Jensen is an author, inspirational speaker, podcast host, energy master and visionary, committed to promoting personal empowerment and his life purpose of being of service to others. In that vein, Les created New Human Living in 2009, and also hosts the New Human Living Global Spiritual Podcast, sharing insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness.

Les’ latest book, Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. His other books include Citizen King: The New Age of Power and Personal Power Fundamentals. To learn more visit and

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