Love's New Earth, with Hope Ives Mauran

August 28, 2024

Please join us and our guest, Hope Ives Mauran, for a show on Love’s New Earth: Awakening to our Collective True Nature as Love, an inspiring and practical handbook and resource for navigating these times of radical change. From who we truly are as eternal consciousness, to the 2030 global agenda, Love’s New Earth empowers and guides our creation of a new Earth-based love. Weaving together stories, experiences and wisdom from many sources is practical, tactical, and empowering. By redefining who we are, where we live and reminding us of the laws of creation here on Earth, Hope invites us to remember how powerful we are as visionaries and creators. It breaks the spell of our human limitations and paints a high-frequency path to a positive future. A revolution of Love is naturally occurring as the Earth’s frequency is rising. Each of us has an important role to play as our choices now will determine how much freedom, peace and love we, our children and grandchildren will enjoy.

Hope was always an “If I can see it, I will believe it!” kind of person. That is, until she had a channeled reading that revealed that she herself was a psychic and an artist and could channel. She is an advocate of BioGeometry, the science that deals with the energy of shape; it uses shapes, colors, motion, orientation and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances one’s energy fields. She is also a practitioner of several wisdom traditions with various notable teachers. Hope holds an undergraduate degree in Forestry from the University of New Hampshire, which bolsters her love of trees and nature. She lives in a small town in Vermont and stays “grounded” by getting her hands in the dirt growing vegetables. Learn more at

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