Illuminated Relationships with Lila Sophia Tresemer & David Tresemer

May 24, 2017

Lila Sophia Tresemer and David Tresemer, Ph.D., for a show about "Illuminated Relationships - Transforming Life and Consciousness." They work together, with their new work being Illuminated Relationships, which encompasses Self—Relationship—Creation, as the One-Two-Oneness paradigm.

Individually, they are each published authors. In addition, together, the Tresemers have co-authored:

  • the DVD, “Couple’s Illumination,” on energy dynamics in relationship.
  • the DVD, “Brain Illumination,” on increasing awareness of the organs of the brain and how they can radiate more strongly.
  • the book, The Conscious Wedding Handbook.
  • a trilogy of theatre scripts (which have all been performed in various places).
  • More recently they have pioneered the initiative of the Mountain Seas Arts and Wilderness Community in remote Australia ( and
  • The Sophia Element Meditations (, with a serialized workbook on that process available from the website).

To learn more about Lila and David visit
To learn more about David's work at the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology visit the AAP website.

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