Human Template & Truth with Zlatko Kanda

November 27, 2019

Please join us and our guest, Zlatko Kanda, for a show on Human Template & Truth.

Zlatko Kanda is a world-renowned intuitor and teacher who has inspired many people in organizing, managing, and balancing their careers and personal lives. The unique, simple, yet much expanded way of his approach has assisted many people in remaining effective, efficient, and focused on their goals and priorities. His passion for consulting has brought him to numerous countries around the world where he has had the opportunity to give workshops, seminars, and one-to-one sessions. He has appeared on Dutch and Romanian TV, besides several radio-stations in Holland, Cyprus, and the United States.

Zlatko is dedicated to helping you no matter which process you are in, in order to reach the maximum of your potential and bring forth the best version of yourself and your company. Mainly, he provides a set of tools to help people with social skills, behavior patterns, and emotional intelligence. Although he is considered to be a world-citizen, he lives mostly on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and travels almost every month.

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