How to Harness Your Superpower of Attention with Sarah McLean

April 4, 2018

She’s always known that peace on this planet is possible, remembers the first Earth Day, and is a lover of the mysterious and the unseen. Sarah McLean, our guest today, is a best-selling Hay House author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation (Hay House) and The Power of Attention: Awaken to Love and its Unlimited Potential with Meditation which was released in 2017. Please join us for today's show on the topic of, "How to Harness Your Superpower of Attention."

Sarah is an American Transcendentalist and a contemporary meditation and mindfulness teacher who’s been inspiring people to meditate for over 25 years. She loves to share inspirational stories about her journey into contemplative life starting with being a behavioral specialist in the U.S. Army, working as the program director alongside Deepak Chopra for his center, living as a Zen Buddhist monk for two years in a remote monastery, and spending six months in a traditional ashram in India.

She also shares the latest in scientific findings and practical tools for stress reduction, vitality, and mind/body health. Sarah has been featured in the New York Times, L.A. Times, The Guardian, Fox News, and Prevention magazine. She travels the world teaching meditation and lives in Sedona, Arizona where she runs the McLean Meditation Institute and the Meditation Teacher Academy. Her mission is to help people wake up to the beauty and wonder of life through the power of meditation.

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