How to Create a True Quantum Leap in Your Life with Bryna Haynes

July 3, 2019

Please join us and our guest, Bryna Haynes, for a show about How to Create a True Quantum Leap in Your Life and start actually living into your biggest dreams and visions. (Here’s a hint: it’s not about burning all your bridges!)

Bryna is an inspirational speaker, philosopher, waymaker, and award-winning, best-selling author. She is the creator of Choose Your Evolution, a teaching space where she helps conscious entrepreneurs, changemakers, leaders, and influencers navigate growth and change so they can step into their biggest visions in the most intentional way possible.

Constantly challenging the status quo, Bryna is a catalyst for Quantum Evolution®, empowering others to harness their own power as creators and live in their genius through conscious choice, inspired action, new perspectives—and, most importantly, knowing how to ask the right questions.

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