Healing the Soul of Your Sexuality with Alicia Ashley

February 10, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Alicia Ashley, for a show on Healing the Soul of Your Sexuality. The Soul of Your Sexuality Is the true, authentic sensuousness and sexuality you were born with, before it was damaged by abuse, lost in addiction, silenced by religion, suffocated by shame, or confused by social norms that trivialize something as sacred and precious as your body and your sexuality. Many women struggle their entire lives trying to make peace with their sexuality or just going along with social norms without questioning them. It is time we all stop and work on healing instead of just putting a band-aid on the problem.

Alicia is a bold, no-nonsense renegade psychotherapist who speaks her truth about her journey from abused and surviving, to healing, happy and thriving! Alicia is a rock-solid stand for all women to face the demons of abuse and overcome them! Her goal is to help every woman fall in love with herself, and her body, and discover just how amazing she truly is.

Today Alicia is a transformational life coach and creator of THE SOUL OF SEXUALITY program, which features THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF SEXUAL POWER FOR WOMEN of which she is the author. Through her private coaching, 1:1 VIP days, virtual group programs, live events and retreats, Alicia empowers women to successfully navigate the often messy, and frequently confusing, process of triumphing over trauma with dignity, grace and confidence.

Alicia is an honors graduate of Pepperdine University, a12-time 26.2 mile marathon finisher, the author of “THE AWAKENING: 7 Steps to Unlock the Secret Behind the Law of Attraction,” successful single mom and award-winning professional speaker.

Today she is with us to fulfill her greatest calling of making a difference in the lives of women around the world.

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