Heal Yourself with Sarah Dawkins

November 23, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Sarah Dawkins, for a show on Heal Yourself: The Remarkable Journeys of Ordinary People Healing Themselves of Dis-ease in Extra Ordinary Ways. Heal Yourself details real, everyday people healing themselves through natural means, proving that what we are told by doctors about self-healing being impossible, is incorrect.

Follow Sarah’s journey from an array of health issues and the depths of suicidal despair, to wellness and vibrant health. Learn how she found the secret of natural, self-healing, without the use of pharmaceutical and prescription drugs, by utilizing a combination of methods and techniques. Read the many other healers’ journeys too, from a wide variety of dis-eases and health problems, using various techniques, giving insight into how you can use them, whether you are on your own journey or simply interested in natural healing. Healing knows no boundaries and comes from a sense of wholeness of self. Follow Sarah and others on their very personal journeys to health and well-being. As Sarah says: “If I can do it, so can you.”

Sarah is a Holistic Health Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author of Heal Yourself, a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur and was previously a Registered Nurse for twenty years. She has extensive experience in health and wellness gained through her insatiable drive to improve overall health through natural means and her own natural self-healing journey. When Sarah is not working, she can often be found outside in nature or in the kitchen. Learn more at https://SDEssentialHealth.com.

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