Growing Mindful with Joann Calabrese

May 19, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Joann Calabrese, for a show on Growing Mindful: Explorations in the Garden to Deepen Your AwarenessDiscover the extraordinary union of meditation and nature with this hands-on guide to being mindful in the garden. Growing Mindful presents an abundance of meditation practices you can use while inhabiting any green space. Joann Calabrese shows you how to engage with earth energies and the present moment using the natural world as your portal.

This inspiring book features dozens of awareness-boosting activities rooted in sensing the wonder and magic of nature. Discover supplies and settings for each activity, 52 plants to mindfully connect with every week of the year, and heart-centered explorations of garden correspondences. Growing Mindful helps you deepen your spirituality and nurture a unique practice.

Joann Calabrese (Denver, CO) is a skilled wellness, mindfulness, and recovery educator, and lifelong organic gardener and herbalist. She is experienced in meditation, ritual work, qigong, and tai chi. Her passion is sharing how these intersecting practices can lead to more connectedness and healing in the world through workshops and coaching. Visit her at

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