Four Strategies to Transform Stress Into Success with Chad E. Cooper

September 25, 2019

Please join us and our guest, Chad E. Cooper, for a show on his book, Time Isn’t the Problem: Four Strategies to Transform Stress into Success. During this informative discussion, Chad will share tips and strategies from his book, and guide listeners in how to live a Legendary Life®.

As the founder and creator of Legendary Life®, Chad E. Cooper inspires his audience to generate the power to make, as well as the art and science to navigate, their own intentional life. The result is more money, time, harmony and fulfillment without losing one's sense of spirit in the process. Chad powerfully transforms the clarity of who a person is and how they will show up for life. "Life isn't about either/or decisions; it's about creating YES, AND opportunities."

Chad is frequently requested by top financial moguls, United Nations representatives, professional athletes from WBO, MLB, NHL, and NFL, USAT University Coaches, Olympic Gold Medalists, and more. Formerly a corporate executive in the IT Industry, Chad retired at the young age of 35 and has been making an impact on others ever since. He is an accomplished athlete, businessman, philanthropist, Super Dad, devoted husband, and former top coach with the #1 coaching organization in the world.

Looking to change your upcoming event from ordinary to extraordinary? Chad speaks about building unique, dynamic, and transformational experiences. Chad would love to serve you and make the impact you desire! Whether your audience is professionals or college students, his seminars will lead to clarity that generates continual success. To learn more visit

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