Eco-awakening, Wholeness, & Journey of Soul Initiation with Brian Stafford, MD

September 2, 2020

Please join us and our guest, Dr. Brian Stafford, for a show Eco-awakening, Wholeness, & Journey of Soul Initiation, when Dr. Stafford will discuss Nature-Based Resilience and Depth.

Dr Stafford, was an award-winning professor of psychiatry, pediatrics and public health who, at age 42, walked away from academic medicine and an endowed chair to discover and develop a wholistic nature-based approach to human development in contrast to the symptom and pathology-based approach of Western Psychiatry.

Dr. Stafford now guides individuals through a variety of organizations to the journey of eco-awakening, wholeness, self-healing and to soul encounter. His primary organization and webpage is Those listening to this talk are invited to sign up for an online program with him using the code NewHumanLiving when they register for a 20% discount.

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