Conscious Bravery: Caring for Someone with Addiction with Pamela Brinker

August 10, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Pamela Brinker, for a show on Conscious Bravery: Caring for Someone with Addiction. In her powerful new book, Pamela combines her professional knowledge with her personal experiences to create a caring and helpful guide for those who are dealing with loved ones struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Readers will learn not only how to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of addiction, but how to survive and thrive with positivity.

As a licensed clinical psychotherapist, Pamela has been working with clients to help move them through pain and into bravery for over twenty years. She is a passionate speaker, educator and advocate, but above all she is a mother who has struggled with the emotions and challenges of raising two sons wrestling with addiction. Her living wisdom resonates throughout the book with intimate stories that give context and meaning to the practical advice. As she writes, “I’ve felt that way dozens of times and am here to offer you ways to pull yourself up, stand tall, and walk forward one shocked or exhausted step at a time.”

Pamela holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Denver. As a well-respected and experienced psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker for 32 years, Pamela has treated thousands of clients and developed over 20 tools and practices to teach everyday bravery. Using integrative therapy techniques, she has helped those struggling with anxiety, mild depression, grief, and relationship issues. She has extensive training in somatic work, trauma healing, Jungian psychology and EMDR certification, integrating body-oriented protocols such as yoga, meditation, art forms and nature into her practice. Learn more at

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