Channeled Messages of Hope, with John Thomas

July 10, 2024

Please join us and our guest, John Thomas, for a show on Channeled Messages of Hope: Conversations with History’s Most Prominent Souls on the Other Side. Book One: Global Warming and Climate Change is a compilation of channeled conversations with 19 prominent souls who, from their unique vantage point on the other side, discuss global warming and climate change, and impart messages of a hopeful nature. John is co-interviewer along with his wife and the book’s author, Carolyn Thomas. Channelings are carried out by Sam Larkin, and include political leaders, scientists, marine biologists, oceanographers, climate change researchers, physicists, inventors, conservationists, spiritual leaders, a self-help author, and even a saint. These include John Muir, Jacques Cousteau, Theodore Roosevelt, Wayne Dyer, Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, John McCain, Saint Francis of Assisi, and more. These souls provide insights into what the future holds; upcoming technological innovations; why this crisis is happening from a higher perspective; and, of course, messages of a hopeful nature about the future of the planet.

John Thomas is a classic Silicon Valley “tech guy.” After receiving his chemical engineering degree, John worked for many years in various technical fields including software, semiconductors, and advanced battery technologies. Along the way, he was able to see the environmental impact of these technologies, and he developed a deep appreciation for those companies that were serious about creating sustainable practices and protecting the environment. In Channeled Messages of Hope, John led the more technical interviews and participated with Carolyn in most others. He is currently CEO of a start-up developing highly sustainable technologies in the food and agriculture industries. Learn more at

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