Cancer Became My New Life In Golden with Ingerid Ezhno

January 9, 2019

Please join us and our guest, Ingerid Ezhno, for a show on Cancer Became My New Life In Golden, where Ingerid discusses cancer, and how she had to own her self and story fully.

Cancer became her profound experience. Like being intimate with a volcano, it shattered Ingerid's life completely, but turned it into a life in golden. Every fear that made her become a rebel as a young girl, now was transformed and gave birth to a true diva, a wild untamed woman.

The unstoppable force met the immovable object, and in the middle of all of this is where she is, all the time, her heart radiating like a sun. It opened her to a softness, where the most powerful force flows, which is unconditional love.

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