Buddha and Einstein Walk Into a Bar, with Teresa Mishler

March 27, 2019

Please join us and our guest, Teresa Mishler, for a show on, “Buddha and Einstein Walk Into a Bar.”

Teresa Mishler, DBA, is CEO of Lifespan Seminar. She is a renowned workshop leader and coach. Teresa conducts seminars internationally for companies and organizations, as well as individual group sessions.

Buddha and Einstein Walk Into a Bar, written by Teresa’s late husband, Guy Joseph Ale, presents the revolutionary idea that sensing how long we can live is a latent capacity in us, currently unknown, just like the introduction of fire, the invention of flying, and the discovery of radio waves were before we “discovered” them. Understand how the knowledge of transcendence, consciousness, and self-healing are integral to your well-being.

Teresa holds a doctorate in counseling psychology (hon) from Young Scientists University “in recognition of her findings and contributions made so far to the field of human lifespan.”

Teresa is a member of the Futurist Advisory Board of the Lifeboat Foundation, serves as a council member for USA of Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals – International, and is a Universal Humanitarian and Diplomacy Ambassador for the Global Federation of the Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organization.

She is also a certified yoga instructor in vinyasa flow, yin and restorative yoga.

To learn more visit LifespanSeminar.com.

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