Becoming Fierce: Creating a Bold and Beautiful Life with Stephanie James

July 20, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Stephanie James, for a show on Becoming Fierce: Creating a Bold and Beautiful Life. Humans live in an unparalleled time on the planet and many have faced unbelievable challenges, ones they never imagined they would go through. It is time for a reliable compass and a north star to help guide the travel-weary reader safely to the shore of their inner strength and vibrancy.

Becoming Fierce is a book about how to live life fully, embodying the powerful, passionate, fiery energy that is the authentic expression of every human being. The reader will learn how to trust their inner GPS and follow their inner guidance, understanding their relationship with power—how they give it away and how they can reclaim it—and how surrender and serendipity play important roles in igniting the spark within. From loving fiercely to purging what doesn’t serve, Stephanie takes her audience on a personal journey and shares stories from her many years as a psychotherapist, transformation coach, and host of The Spark radio show and podcast where she has interviewed some of the biggest names in psychology, spirituality, science and more.

Stephanie is a dynamic presenter, author, film producer, transformational coach, and psychotherapist with 30 years in the mental health field. She has gathered wisdom from some of the most amazing minds and serving hearts on the planet and has synthesized their wisdom with her own knowledge and experience to help her audience expand their vision of themselves and ignite their purpose. She aims to bring as much love and healing to the world as possible and understands that when each person lives their greatest version of themselves, they illuminate the way for others to do the same. Learn more at

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