Astrology: The Magic Mirror with Katharine Merlin

August 25, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Katharine Merlin, for a show on Astrology: The Magic Mirror.

Katharine says that what she wants to do with this book is to tell the truth about what—in her eyes—Astrology is really about. Each story is a mélange of ancestral patterns, past lives, and an indefinable blend of the inner self and free will. It is fascinating to see how these stories and patterns show themselves in people’s charts and how they live them out. Katharine believes that the debilitating idea that the stars beam down on us and determine our fate is one that needs to be totally dispelled. The planets don’t directly affect us, it’s a matter of “As above, so below”—The stars act like a cosmic mirror, which helps us to discover what and who we are. And it’s up to us to decide what kind of story we’re going to write.

Katharine Merlin apprenticed with renowned astrologer Isabel Hickey of Boston, studied psychology at the Jung Foundation in New York and has been a practicing astrologer for over forty years. Fascinated by this ancient art from a very early age, she discovered, only recently, that her maternal lineage traces back to a great-great grandfather, Dr. Charles Winterburn of New York (1815 -1881), who was both a physician and a highly respected astrologer in his time. Katharine, or “Kate” as she is known, is the author of both The Private Lives of the Sun Signs and Character and Fate, the Psychology of the Birth Chart. She has been the Astrology columnist for Town & Country magazine since 1989. Visit to learn more.

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