Astrology As A Tool For Parenting with Dr. Laura Tadd

September 19, 2018

Please join us and our guest, Dr. Laura Tadd PhD for a show on Astrology As A Tool For Parenting.

As a social scientist, Dr. Laura Tadd finds an astrological viewpoint to be an unparalleled tool for helping us heal from our past, reach our potential and conduct fulfilling lives. On the whole, her work centers around healing and personal growth rather than on prediction.

As the daughter of counterculture-clairvoyant parents’, astrology was present in Laura’s life even as an infant, with her astrology chart hanging above her crib. Despite this early exposure, it was not until joining a local women’s group in her mid-20’s which used astrology to help its members to understand their lives, that her passion for it took hold.

Attending these weekly meetings proved to be a fortuitous decision as she would soon spend the next 18 months studying astrology with one of the women who led the group. After earning a certificate in Psychological Astrology, as a Professional Astrologer, Laura began working as a consulting astrologer. However, she was soon called to broaden the scope of her work and enrolled in graduate school, eventually receiving a Ph.D. in Human Science.

As an internationally known astrologer, it is with compassion and humor that Laura works in a consulting capacity with people around the world. She teaches and lectures on the value of astrology, both in person and via webinars. You can find her written work  on blogs, in The Mountain Astrologer, Celestial Vibes, and coming in December on

An active member of the astrology community, Laura has sat on regional and international astrology organization boards. Currently, she is writing a book on astrology as a tool for parenting. You can find an e-book version of this work in progress on her website

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