Angels in My Hair: The True Story of a Modern-Day Mystic with Lorna Byrne

December 28, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Lorna Byrne, for a show on Angels in My Hair: The True Story of a Modern-Day Mystic. Lorna has been seeing and talking to Angels since she was a baby. To this very day, Lorna sees angels, physically, and they completely guide her life. She is the author of seven best-selling books, including Angels in My Hair, The True Story of a Modern-Day Mystic. Lorna is devoted to reminding humanity of the spiritual potential that resides within every one of us!

In this interview, Lorna is going to tell us about the physical sight of the unseen world of Angels, Spirits, and other Spiritual beings that she sees: how they guide and teach us every second of every day. She’ll also tell us about Sanctuary, her center in Ireland, a place where people of all walks of life and beliefs (including no beliefs) can come together to deepen their connection to the divine, hand in hand with Lorna and through nature. You can find further information about all of the above on her website at:

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