All the Time in the World with Lisa Broderick

December 8, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Lisa Broderick, for a show on All the Time in the World: Learn to Control Your Experience of Time to Live a Life Without Limitations.

What if you could control time? Slow the ticking of the clock, and have the hours, minutes and years of your life to work for you instead of against you?

Time is something that none of us can escape, yet few of us completely understand. In her new book, All the Time in the World, Lisa breaks down the science behind the human construct of time, and teaches readers how to use time in their own lives to increase productivity, satisfaction and even joy. Lisa begins by explaining the physics, metaphysics and psychology of time, referencing real-world cases and scientific studies. The construct of time, she argues, is one part physical and one part perception, and she breaks down the science behind both. By controlling our perceptions, we have the power to control time. This state, which she calls “focused perception,” is the key to manipulating our construct of time, and in the second part of the book, she shows the reader how to build on this practice to achieve control of their own clock.

Lisa earned a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Duke. She is a Transcendental Meditation (TM) Sidha, attended the Monroe Institute for the exploration of expanded states of consciousness, and studied imagery and dream reading at the American Institute for Mental Imagery with noted author and teacher of Western spirituality Dr. Gerald Epstein for fifteen years. She currently runs a business consultancy based in New York City that helps socially conscious entrepreneurs manifest their creativity and energy. To learn more visit

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