Advanced Dream Avenues and the Unconscious with Stase Michaels

March 2, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Stase Michaels, for a show on Advanced Dream Avenues and the Unconscious.

Dream guidance is an amazing gift from the soul and a worthy topic, in itself. That is why dream expert Stase Michaels wrote eight dream books including current bestsellers, A Little Bit of Dreams, and Nightmares—The Dark Side of Dreams and Dreaming. In this broadcast Stase shares a few advanced parts of dreaming that affect the soul journey here and now, and through eternity, as we weave through successive lifetimes. These include: Old and New Views About Dreaming; Two Parts of the Waking Mind; Dream Doorways into the Superconscious; and a big one—Dreams as a Powerful Preparation for the Afterlife. Whether you are a practiced dreamer or new to dreams, join Les and Stase in this enchanting exploration of new dream pathways of the soul.

Stase is the author of eight dream books; her ninth is a true crime novel called Justice Plays Roulette from her days as a police analyst. She has a B.A. in Psychology from McGill University, an M.A. in Psychology from the College of William and Mary, and an M.A. in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University. Stase has lived in Virginia, and currently resides in Toronto. She offers free dream interpretations on her website at and welcomes reviews and sharing on Instagram, Twitter, TikToc, and Facebook.

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