A Story of Our Souls: Remembering Love with Jodi Burke

August 26, 2020

Please join us and our guest, Jodi Burke, for a show on A Story of Our Souls: Remembering Love, an adult story book written from a different perspective about our Soul’s journey on how and why we came to be, including where we possibly came from, why might we be here and who’s hijacked the game.

What if, YOU are not your body, your labels, your stories, your emotions or even your identity – who or what then would you BE? What if YOU had agreed to play a game called Life?  A game that had you learning about expanded awareness, while putting on a human costume, after walking through the veil of amnesia into the illusion of separation to create different experiences outside of love?

Yet now you’ve forgotten, that it was just a Game. If YOU wondered about any of those, then you will love this book. This story encapsulates some quantum physics, science and fiction with a little truth woven throughout the book.  In this present-day reality, things may not be what seem to be what we have been taught or told. A Story of Souls talks about avatar suits, our DNA, energy, the matrix, the hologram, the dark ones, separation, programs and our Soul’s purpose and much more.

Jodi Burke is a photographer, artist and author. To learn more about Jodi and her book, visit www.JodiBurke.com and https://astoryofoursouls.com/.

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