A Deeper Look: Using Essential Oils for Healing with Christina Turco

April 10, 2019

Please join us and our guest, Christina Turco, for a show on learning how to use medicinal grade essential oils by Wisdom of the Earth. Aromatherapy is simply plant medicine, the original medicine of the planet. Applied topically, inhaled, or taken internally, plant medicine heals on all levels of your being. Many people are familiar with the physical healing properties of essential oils. However, the energetic aspects can also assist greatly with emotional and spiritual healing and growth. In this show, we will talk about what makes these essences so special, how to properly use essential oils, and how they can assist you from both a physical and energetic perspective.

Christina Turco, LMT is a licensed massage therapist in Boulder, Colorado. She began learning about health, nutrition, medicine, and music as a young child from her parents and older siblings with diverse careers in both allopathic and holistic medicine. Although she was interested in the healing arts, she shifted course from her family and was drawn towards physics and engineering as her first career. After relocating to Colorado from Virginia, she was called to move into the healing arts herself. She started a private massage therapy practice, coming back to her true roots, incorporating sound healing, crystal healing, energy healing, and aromatherapy in her sessions. Although she has used aromatherapy her whole life, connecting with WOTE ignited her passion and synthesized her long-time knowledge and interests.

Christina teaches Level 1 Aromatherapy Certification Retreats and hosts the Boulder Area Aromatherapy Meetup Group.

You can connect with Christina to order essential oils, schedule consultations (Skype available), and/or sign up for classes through her private practice website handsoftheheart.org. You can learn more about Wisdom of the Earth at wisdomoftheearth.com. All listeners tonight will receive the special offer of free shipping with your first order from Christina.

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